About Us

All of us living in the concrete jungle yearn for cool canopy of trees. Picnic Point, agri tourism center, has a vast expanse of lush green lawns; About 1000 Amla, 1000 eucalyptus, 100 bamboo, 50 mango, 50 tamarind, 50 teak, neem, coconut and other trees.

You can enjoy ‘oxygenated’ atmosphere at Picnic Point and also learn about:

  1. Production of organic manure from farm debris.
  2. Manufacturing of compost manure (NADEP).
  3. Propagation of vermiculture.
  4. Production of bio-gas.
  5. Drip and sprinkler irrigation.
  6. Techniques such as ploughing, sowing etc.

A technique of ‘Tree Transplantation’ has been tried and tested successfully at Picnic Point.

Success of ‘Rain water harvesting’ has been appreciated by Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Sakal, Sanchar, Pudhari, Lokmat; District Information Officers, Agrovan, Baliraja too have published and thousands of farmers have studied and put into practice our technique of ‘Bore-well recharging’.

Now, to educate the urban populace about agriculture and to sustain rural folk art, we arrange one day picnics, school and college trips, and other such gatherings.

A beautiful garden and relaxing beds under the canopy of trees is available for your recreation. You can play from the wide variety of games like tip-cat, tug of war, marbles, tail the donkey, musical chair, bullock-cart ride, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, carom, fountain shower.

Folk-artists like mimicry artist or magician are there to amuse you.

With all this, Delicious vegetarian meals make your day a complete picnic package. And, if you have a special requirement, just let us know. We'll be happy to customise a package for you.

At Picnic Point, we also have 'Kanhaiya Garden' for those who wish to enjoy only the delicious food in the cool green and soothing ambience of nature.

At Picnic Point, we also have the efficacious, rich in Vitamin C, agro based product - ‘Kanhaiya Amla Powder'.

Yes, that is the reason, from kids to very senior citizens love to visit Picnic Point. We know that within a short time, Picnic point shall be quintessence in the agri-tourism sector.